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L’esperienza de questa dolce vita

L’esperienza de questa dolce vita.  The experience of this sweet life Dante Aligheri, The Divine Comedy Please note that this series of posts are out of order.  As I am sure you have noticed, it has been a long while since my last update (but don’t worry, I promise they are coming soon so please stick … Continue reading

La neve è bella

An update about snow: In the early morning hours of the first snowfall, the city look like it is frozen in time.  In the snow the city has gone silent with a sudden intake of breath. There is something about watching the flurries of snow that evokes  a sense of wonderment, but maybe that is due … Continue reading

Rome: The Eternal City

Leading up to our weekend in Rome… Long story short, a train strike rearranged our travel schedule and classes for the week.  I had my cooking class at Zeppelin last Thursday which was a really fun experience.  I’ll include a few pictures of us gathering fresh ingredients from the market, but I am lacking in … Continue reading


Ciao amici! It seems about time for another post as I am wrapping up my first week in Italia!  We flew into Rome on the 18th and made our way into Orvieto by midday.  I wanted to stay awake during our bus ride from the airport to admire the Umbrian countryside, but I was so … Continue reading

Amanda starts a blog

This January I will be heading off to Orvieto, Italy for a semester abroad.  Hopefully this blog will be updated frequently to let my family and friends back home know what I am up to. Currently I am enjoying my time left on Maui.  This is going to be a good 2012. Ciao!